पहिलो हो यो नेपालको, जीवन बीमा व्यवसायमा ।
स्थापना भएको हो यो, नेपाल सरकारको स्वामित्वमा ।।
ढुक्क हुनुहोस बीमामा, आर्थिक बचत र सुरक्षामा ।
जीवन बीमा गर्नुहोस, राष्ट्रिय बीमा संस्थानमा ।।

कृष्ण कुमार श्रेष्ठ
सचिव, सञ्चालक समिति

Interview with Mr. Bhoj Raj Sharma, Past Executive Chairman, Rastriya Beema Sansthan

Published in “The Himalayan Times” Dated: 5-2-2006

Globalizations, development of technology, information are leading us in that direction.

Tomorrow’s organizations are definitely going to be flatter. With the development of technology, globalization and information management, we are already heading in that direction. Our organizations are constantly undergoing structural redesigning, and as a result many of the positions of hierarchy are being abridged to create the most effective organizations.

Even public organizations today have some autonomy and flexibility like that of business organizations. This is the indication that we are in the process of going to a flatter structure.

Flat organizations work through that mobilization of self managed teams that offer employees with the opportunity and freedom over how they manage their work leading to job satisfaction for all.

This kind of flexible workplace empowers employees. Rather than employees merely being expected to obey the orders given to them by their immediate superiors, in flatter organizations, employees are expected to develop ideas, make decisions through interaction and respond to problems on their own or in cooperation with their fellow workers. The management defines performance objectives and the employees are given the means and authority about how they achieve their goal and with the coordinated effort of the entire team.

For flat organizations to function successfully, the employees should be fully trained, well qualified and aware of the job.

Hierarchy, too much of control and supervision create bad relationship resulting in negative effects on job satisfaction. When there is less hierarchy, there is more autonomy, and the authorities are decentralized. This type of organization emphasizes on human factor developing expertise, self control, self monitoring among the employees.